FarmFest – MTB Enduro Race Series One

Its FarmFest time and we’re starting the Enduro season off with a bang! We will only have 3 special stages so that you can shred as many runs as possible. The special stages are all three in the same area and bit more removed from the general walking public so we hope dogs and walkers will not be as much of a problem as before.  Please still be on the look-out for other users!

The Route:

Liaison 1:

Start at the Play Pit and make your way up the FRONT (northern face) of Fireball all the way to the top.

(1.9km 156m climb)

Special stage 1:

Strava Segment Name:  FarmFest Stage 1

Start on top of Fireball and shred down the BACK (southern face) of Fireball and turn LEFT (eastern side) down Traders.  Just before the fence bridge, turn RIGHT (southern direction) down Elali trail.  The FINISH will be just past the water reservoir at the kraal.

(2.18km with 144m drop)

Liaison 2:

After special stage 1 make your way up Leopards’ loop back to the Play pit and again all the way up the FRONT of Fireball again as you did for Liaison 1.

(3.43km 157m climb)

Special stage 2:

Strava Segment Name:  FarmFest Stage 2

Start on top of Fireball and shred down the BACK (southern face) of Fireball and turn RIGHT (western side) down Traders.  Turn LEFT (southern direction) down the new cutting which t’s off of Traders.  The FINISH will be on the bottom at the flood plain.

(1.87km with 149m drop)

Liaison 3:

Continue with the track until you reach the kraal.  You can either continue with the new track all the way past the kraal and back up to the fence bridge of Special stage 1.  Or go through the kraal and log onto Leopard’s loop.  Continue back to the Play Pit via Leopards Loop.

To get to Special stage 3 you can either turn right (east) towards Red Ridge and all the way to Google.  Or you can go via the Kleine Kuppe Main Jeep track, turning off before the homestead onto Red Ridge and up the back (southern face) of Google.

(2.69km 68.9m climb)

Special stage 3:

Strava Segment Name:  FarmFest Stage 3

Starting at the top of Google, shred down as fast as you can.  The FINISH will be just before Google joins back onto Leopards’ Loop Jeep Track.

(1.44km 99.5m drop)

Liaison 4:  the Road back home

At the end of Google turn right (north) into Leopard’s Loop jeep track and continue all the way back to the Play Pit.

(1.79km 18m climb)

Please Note:

Please avoid going up the downs so we don’t have conflicting traffic.

We have decided to let the enduro run until Sunday afternoon to give all the work horses a shot at a couple of runs over the weekend.  Last strava uploads must be in before 13:00 on Sunday.  We will have a little get-together for a braaitjie from around 15:00 and prize giving at 16:00 at the Play pit. There will be a couple of fires so bring along your coolbox with drinks and meat, dogs, chairs, friends and family.

N$ 150 entry fee – please email proof of payment to

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