FarmFest – MTB Enduro Race Series TWO

It’s FarmFest time again and we will revisit some of the golden oldies trails again – but this time in a one-day bash.  We will be making the Amphitheatre our base for starts and stops, shade and the coolbox. Our new ‘TEAM’ entries promises to add an exciting dimension to the enduro.  Please read the details of team entry below.  We only have 4 special stages so that the day doesn’t get too long. Runs will start at 08:00 with all participants heading out at the same time.

As before, the special stages are all four in the same area and bit more removed from the general walking public so we hope dogs and walkers will not be a problem.  Please still be on the look-out for other users!

Team entry details:

Teams consist of four participants, each team member will choose one of the four stages to participate in. All four times (one from each team member) will be added together to get the overall time. The team with the lowest overall time will win the Team Category. Team members can also register as an individual rider and therefore participate in both team category and his/her applicable individual category. A participant wishing to enter both Team and Individual categories will have to fill in two entries and pay both entry fees.

The Route:

Liaison 1:

Start at the Amphitheatre and make your way up Three Sisters, right into Switchback and up Granny to the top of Super Gran.

(3.26km 168m climb)

Special Stage 1:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Granny

Start on top of Super Gran and shred down until you join into Granny and continue heading west.  Please watch out for fellow riders still making their way up to Super Gran as there is only one track up. As you near the fence bridge on your right you will see the STOP sign.  Once again please be alert as Stage 3 Oupa also ends at this same STOP sign.

(1.15km with 86m drop)

Liaison 2:

After special stage 1 make your way over the fence bridge and head back to the Amphitheater.  We head up Stairways from there to get to the top of Stage 2 which goes down Rock Garden.

(1.15km 89m climb)

Special Stage 2:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Rock Garden

The start is on top of Stairways.  We will head down the north eastern face of Stairways and turn right into Rock Garden.  Head down all the way with Rock Garden until you reach the junction with Three Sisters jeep track again.

Liaison 3:

After special stage 2, turn left into the Three Sisters jeep track and head north east up Three Sisters all the way to the top.  Please note that you will have to share the jeep track with the Stage 3 ‘Extended Oupa’ downhill traffic.  So please be alert make ample space for them.

(2.53km 101m climb)

Special Stage 3:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Oupa

The start is on top of Three Sisters jeep track.  You will head, at very fast pace, down (western face) the jeep track.  Please be on the look out for other riders still making their way up the jeep track.  Turn sharp left into Switchback by going over the fence bridge.  Please ensure that you reduce your speed adequately as the turn is loose and the bridge is narrow.  Head south down Switchback until you turn sharp right into Oupa.  The finish of Oupa is the same spot as the Granny finish so just be on the look out for other rides.

(2.2km with 78m drop)

Liaison 4:

After special stage 3 make your way over the fence bridge (as with Liaison 2) and carry on up Three Sisters until you reach the ‘Rock Garden’ sign on your left.  Head up Rock Garden until you reach the junction for Stairways.  Turn Left into Stairways and head up the ‘new’ Stairways section (just keep left) until you reach the top.

(2.69km 91m climb)

Special Stage 4:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Stairways

Start on top of Stairways and shred down like it is your last Special (because it is) until you reach the Amphitheater with sweet aromas of victory (or just rest!).

(1.15km with 89m drop)

Please Note:

Please avoid going up the downs so we don’t have conflicting traffic.

Cut-Off time is 12:00 with final uploads by 12:30. We will have our usual get-together for a braaitjie while the results are tallied. Prize giving at will be held at 14:00 at the Amphitheater. There will be a couple of fires so bring along your coolbox with drinks, meat, dogs, chairs, friends and family.

N$150 entry fee (individual) & N$500 (4 person team) – please email proof of payment to