FarmFest – MTB Enduro Race Series THREE

It’s time for last FarmFest event for 2017!  The Play Pit will be base for starts, stops, re-fueling and shade.  Runs will start at 08:00 with all participants heading out at the same time.  We again have only four special stages with Mad Max being the shortest but definitely intense!

As before, the special stages are all four in the same area , however we are close to the main entrance so please be on the look-out for other users and dog walkers!

Cymot, our sponsor for the event, will be holding their demo day for the new line of 2018 Scott bicycles.  Be sure to book your ride!  They will be there Friday as well as Saturday.

Team entry details:

Teams consist of four participants, each team member will choose one of the four stages to participate in. All four times (one from each team member) will be added together to get the overall time. The team with the lowest overall time will win the Team Category. Team members can also register as an individual rider and therefore participate in both team category and his/her applicable individual category. A participant wishing to enter both Team and Individual categories will have to fill in two entries and pay both entry fees.

The Route:

Liaison 1:

Start at the Play Pit and make your way up the front (or Northern face) of Fireball, all the way to the top of the mountain.  Enjoy the 360 views as you catch your breath and cheer on your buddies as they drop in for their first special stage 1.

(2.1km 155m climb)

Special Stage 1:

Strava Segment Name: FF3 Stage 1

Start on top of Fireball and shred down the southern face until you join into Traders and turn RIGHT, continue heading west.  Turn sharp LEFT (or South) down into Marshall until you pass the STOP sign at the bottom.

(1.4km with 154m drop)

Liaison 2:

After special stage 1 make your way all around the base of the mountain in an EASTERLY direction until you exit onto Leopard’s loop jeep track at the Os Pos kraal.  Turn LEFT (heading North) up Leopard’s loop until you see the Google track on you RIGHT.  Make your way up Google (in a North Easterly direction) until you reach the top.  Once again you will have an amazing 360 view with the hint of green coming out everywhere!

(2.5km 135m climb)

Special Stage 2:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Stage 2

The start is on top of Google.  We will head down the north eastern face of Google and turn LEFT into Red Ridge.  Head down all the way with Red Ridge (in a westerly direction) until you reach the river where the STOP sign will be.  This stage is very loose and rocky as it forms part of a cattle path.  Please be alert but enjoy shredding down this rough path!

(1.4km 118m drop)

Liaison 3:

After special stage 2, continue heading up Red Ridge (westerly direction) until you reach Peter Pan on the neck of the hill.  Turn RIGHT into Peter Pan and head north until you see the arrow pointing you up Mad Max on your LEFT.  Wind up the Mad Max path with it’s pristine Aloe’s until you reach the scenic Shepherd’s tree at the top.

(1.09km 39m climb)

Special Stage 3:

Strava Segment Name: FF3 Stage 3

The start is on top of Mad Max. You start off with quite a bit of small technical drops but there are also several ‘B’ and ‘C’ lines with lovely sweeping berms.  The track quickly joins onto Peter Pan where you make a LEFT (southwards) turn and head down a short section of Peter Pan until you reach the Play Pit again.

(0.5km with 37m drop)

Liaison 4:

After special stage 3 make your way up Leopards loop by turning LEFT at the Play Pit.  Keep heading south until you reach the turn-off to Traders on your RIGHT.  Head up Traders and then all the way to the top of Fireball again.  This a quite a long climb but beautiful views – and also the great thought that this is the last climb!

Please do not go up the front of Fireball as the field will be stretched out by now and several riders already making their way down the track.

(3.26km 170m climb)

Special Stage 4:

Strava Segment Name: FF2 Stage 4

Start on top of Fireball and shred down like it is your last Special (because it is) until you reach the Play Pit with sweet aromas of victory (or just rest!).

(2.1km with 155m drop)

Please Note:

Please avoid going up the downs so we don’t have conflicting traffic.

Cut-Off time is 12:00 with final uploads by 12:30. We will have our usual get-together for a braaitjie while the results are tallied. Prize giving at will be held at 14:00 at the Play Pit.  There will be a couple of fires so bring along your coolbox with drinks, meat, dogs, chairs, friends and family.  You can use the time inbetween to freshen up at home and fetch the family or you can test ride some of the amazing Scott bikes on demo by Cymot.

N$150 entry fee (individual) & N$500 (4 person team) – please email proof of payment to