Night Ride – Kleine Kuppe Gate

Join us this Thursday, 19 June for a Night Ride starting at the Kleine Kuppe gate on Farm Windhoek. The ride starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm.  There will be a sweeper vehicle making the loop at 7:30pm to ensure everyone is safely off by 8pm.

Please make sure you have a valid permit for the farm, some good lights and are dressed warmly.

Hope to see you there!



XC4 Rock and Rut photos

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Colossal Cactus Cleanup

Colossal Cactus Cleanup at Waldorf

21 June 2014, 8am to 12 noon

A big cactus cleanup is planned for the Farm Windhoek recreational area near Waldorf Kindergarten. The cacti there (as well as elsewhere in Windhoek) are multiplying and spreading exponentially and are a danger to indigenous flora and fauna, including humans and their pets.

This is an ideal opportunity to make a difference to our environment, and we need all the help we can get. Come along for as many hours as you can spare on the morning of 21st June, and bring your family and friends too.

The following are useful tools to use when removing cacti:

  • Heavy gloves (e.g. welding gloves)
  • Braai tongs and hooks
  • Forks
  • Rakes
  • Long handled clippers
  • Pangas or saws
  • Strong cardboard boxes, medium size (e.g apple box with solid base)
  • Wheelbarrows

Don’t forget:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen or sun block
  • Water
  • Wear sturdy long trousers/pants and sturdy shoes

Please note:

  • An indemnity form will be available and will have to be signed.
  • Medical attention will be on site.
  • If you are not able to be part of this exercise but would like to help, a donation of N$150.00, payable to the Botanical Society of Namibia, will secure the services of a labourer to assist.
Botanical Society of Namibia
Account number: 11000111289
Branch code: 461 609 (Main Branch)
Please e-mail details of deposit to

Further information:

Coleen Mannheimer: mobile 081 127 2820 email

Diana Thompson/BotSoc: mobile 081 128 9031 email

Wanda van der Merwe/Farm Windhoek: mobile 081 411 3127 email

Please send this notice on to any of your contacts that might be prepared to help!