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Farm Windhoek, Bank Windhoek, Maerua Mall, 483-872, Acc no 8004143016, Cheque
(Please use your name and surname as reference)

Due to the nature of activities such as, but not limited to; hiking, mountain biking, dog walking, and bird watching in the picturesque but potentially dangerous terrain; by entering Commonage 2, you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify and exempt Commonage 2, its owners, staff, holding company, subsidiaries, directors, shareholders, employees or agents from any liability as to any claim, action, damages, inconvenience, loss, fatality, illness or injury to person or property of whatever nature, arising from your use of this property and/or presence within Commonage 2.


Participants need to assess for themselves (and /or minors) whether they are fit and skilled enough to take part.

All participants take part in the event at their own risk and indemnify the organisers, sponsors, host and other authorities of any loss or injury, however that loss or injury may be caused which might occur in preparation for, during or subsequent to the event and in any circumstances in which the organisers, sponsors and local and other authorities might attract a legal liability in respect of such injury or loss.

Other possible dangers in a trail route include wild animals and other participants.


I accept the above terms and conditions

**Enduro is a form of Mountain bike racing in which there is a greater proportion of downhill sections, which are timed, to uphill and cross country sections. This aims to test rider’s technical bike handling skills as well as providing endurance and climbing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

How does it work?

The race route consist of three SPECIAL stages and three LIAISON stages.  The general classification of each race will be calculated by adding all the special stage times together of your complete run.  A run logged on Strava must contain ALL three SPECIAL stages for the day in order to count. LIAISON stages are not timed and you can take as long as you like to get to the next SPECIAL stage.

special stages:  a timed stage with at least 80% downhill gradient

 liaison stages :  non-timed sections used to get to the next  special stage

There will be an marker 50 meters before the start of each SPECIAL enduro segment.

The actual start of the segment will be marked with a “START” board. The finish of the segment will be marked with a “FINISH” board.

The route:

The compulsory route of liaisons and special stages will be clearly marked seen on the route map and which will be made available shortly.

The event will start and stop at the Play Pit close to Kleine Kuppe gate entrance.

You can enter as ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’.  Our new Scorpion trail is quite technical so we thought to swop it out with Peter Pan for the intermediate riders.

The four SPECIAL stages will be on Kudu (all), Granny (all), Scorpion (advanced only), Peter Pan (intermediate only) and Fireball (all).  The LIAISON stages will be along Kleine Kuppe JT to Special stage 1 (Kudu) via Rollercoaster.   The next liaison stage will be along Kleine Kuppe JT Oupa and Saddleback to get to Special stage 2 (Granny).  After Special stage 2 the liaison goes along Leopard’s loop JT, Lounge JT to get up to Special stage 3 (Scorpion) for the Advanced group only.  The Intermediate group will go along Serengeti, Leopards’ loop to their 3rd Special stage 3 (Peter pan).  The last liaison goes along Leopard’s loop JT and up Traders to Special stage 4 (Fireball).

Please Note:

There will be medics and two water points.

The SPECIAL stage route segments will be marked for ‘downhill traffic only’ during the Farm Fest period.  However, please still be alert for users not adhering to the signage.

Please clad yourself with the necessary padding and protection!

What do I do?

It’s quick and easy, just follow the steps and you are ready to have some fun!

Step 1:  Register a  STRAVA™ profile

(Go to and click on the register for free button.)

Step 2:  Join the FARMWINDHOEK club on STRAVA

Step 3:  Riders are responsible for uploading their own Strava. If it’s not on Strava – it didn’t happen. Rides must be uploaded to Strava directly after completion of the last Special stage.

If you are technologically challenged, we will assist you during the Registration of the 16th of September at the Kleine Kuppe gate from 17:00 till 18:30.